Contact Lenses

  Before we can fit you with contact lenses we will need to see you for a contact lens assessment

We need to look at:

  • The shape of the eye surface
  • The tear chemistry of the individual patient
  • The front of the eye with a special 'slit-lamp' microscope
  • Discuss and try the best lenses for comfort, vision and eye health

We will then put some contact lenses in your eye (occasionally we may have to order some special trial lenses first) and then:

  • The lenses are checked with the slit lamp microscope to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Your vision in the lenses is optimized by confirming the correct lens power for you
  • We will provide you with instructions on lens wear and care including how to put in and remove your lenses in addition to the do's and don'ts of lens wear

A follow-up appointment will be made to monitor progress in the early days and beyond.

Our popular Contact Plus scheme ensures that at your ongoing contact lens aftercare appointments you are wearing the best possible lenses available for your eyes and wearing schedule.

The two main types of contact lenses are Soft lenses and Rigid lenses:

Soft Contact Lenses

  • Most popular lens type prescribed in the UK – about.. 95% of wearers are now fitted with soft lenses
  • Initial comfort is excellent
  • Soft lenses are thin, flexible and moist so eye surface
  • Available in daily, fortnightly or monthly replacement
  • Lenses other than daily replacement need to be cleaned and disinfected overnight in solution

For more details of soft lenses click here.

Rigid Contact Lenses

  • Initial lens awareness similar to wearing new shoes
  • Can be made to correct almost any prescription
  • Lowest risk of infection of all lens types
  • Replaced annually, 6-monthly or 3-monthly. (depending on the lens material and individual patient requirements)
  • Smaller than a soft lens

If you would like to talk to us directly, please call us
on: 020 8393 7711.



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