Good sunglasses are so important to protect your eyes and to be comfortable in bright conditions.
We can help you enjoy the sun in different ways.

Whatever your prescription, it is important to protect the eyes against excessive ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Protection is needed to avoid reflected light from sand and snow or if you spend long periods out of doors, particularly in the summer.

Prescription Sunglasses

We have teamed up with several manufacturers to offer to our patients an excellent range of prescription sunglasses from only £89. These offer the same standard of protection as non-prescription sunglasses.

There are lots of styles and shapes to choose from – you are sure to find a style you like!

We can even offer bifocal or varifocals as well – just what you need when out in the sun – or when you are reading and relaxing outside.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses are lenses that change their colour according to light conditions. When exposed to sunlight they darken quickly to eliminate glare and to protect the eyes against UV. These lenses are generally nearly clear when it is dark.   Polarised Lenses

Polarising lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare from horizontal surfaces such as roads, water and snow. They give improved vision and comfort with 100% UV protection and are ideal for driving, water sports and fishing.

Specialist Sunglasses

We have 2 great ranges of specialist sunglasses designed for performance and comfort. Whether for a specialist sport use or for general wear Adidas and Bollé will give you the edge!

Safety and Sports Glasses

Special lenses and frames incorporating eye protection are available for a variety of safety and recreational uses.

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