Enhanced Tests

Health Screening

Eye health screening is an important part of the eye test and a good reason to have regular eye tests even if your vision is excellent. We will check for a range of conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Your eyes can also indicate aspects of your general health such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Digital Retinal Photography

We strongly recommend that a digital photograph is taken of your retina (the back of your eye). This provides a permanent and visual record of the health of your eyes and aids early diagnosis of certain conditions. Subtle changes due to blood pressure or diabetes can be seen much more easily than just by shining a light into your eyes. There is a charge of £15 for this service when carried out with an NHS sight test.

OCT Eye Scan Advanced Technology

Only 10 years ago OCT technology was mainly used in research, but recent advances in the technology have brought this to the forefront of eyecare. This revolutionary technology is quite common in eye hospitals but this top level of care is available in only a few private consulting rooms or High Street optometry practises. Your healthcare professional has invested a large amount of money to ensure that the very best technology is available to protect your eyesight now, and in the future. This test is not part of the NHS Eye Test but is performed as part of an extended eye examination. For NHS tests this will be at an additional charge of £39.

Visual Fields Test

A visual field test may be carried out as part of your eye examination depending on age and other factors. We use the Humphrey Visual field screener which is the "gold standard" as used in NHS hospitals. This test helps us detect conditions such as glaucoma as loss of peripheral vision can go unnoticed at the early stages.